Federica Fiore | Ecstatic Breath
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Ecstatic Breath

Ecstatic Breath

Breathing is the most natural and essential process in our body. It changes automatically depending on our emotional and physical state; when guided consciously it can support our healing processes, and improve and intensify our sexual experience.

Ecstatic breath or Breath and energy orgasm , is a way to experience yourself beyond your body/mind, is a way to relax, release pain or traumas, repressed emotions, and energize your whole self.

It can support your orgasm helping you feel more connected and embodied, it gives you the possibility to experience a full body orgasmic state, or help you in sexual blocks and difficulties.

 In this course we are going to explore conscious breathing starting with very simple exercises to help us connect to our own body and its energy points, and making our way to the full experience of a breath and energy orgasm. Bodywork and partner work will be included as an important resource for embodiment and transformation.

 Let´s breath together!!!

 The class is open for everybody, every gender are welcome, and no prior experience is required.

WHEN:   21.11.2012, 7pm-9p

                  07.12.2012, 7pm-9pm

WHERE: LoveBase  http://www.lovebase.com/

PRICE: 10-20 Euro sliding scale