Federica Fiore | Senses, Pleasure, Intimacy
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Senses, Pleasure, Intimacy

Senses, Pleasure, Intimacy

Imprinting Love — the power of hormones!!!
with Federica Fiore

We are going to play with hormonal level in the body.
This hormonal triade (oxytocin, adrenalin, endorfins)
is the one we experience during Sex, Love, and during Birth!
Dealing with oxytocin, adrenalin, endorfins , we will be creating a state and feeling of Love in our body…
Love is to be intended as a general state of mind, as a state of being and reacting, decisional power, inner drive, and not necessarily the „falling in love“ with another person…

Through this practice we can invite more love, intimacy, ecstasy in our daily life, in our cellular memory and re-imprint these feelings in our body.

We will work alone, in couple or small groups or as a bigger group.
Nudity might be suggested at some point but is no must.

price: sliding scale 10-15 euro
Registration is mandatory !!! Please send an email to: federica.fiore@gmx.de

for more information visit: federicafiore.com