Federica Fiore | 2017 April
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April 2017

Spanking for Love -a study on endorphins

with Federica Fiore and David Bloom In Spanking for Love, we will explore the relationship between intense sensation, breath, and endorphin (the hormones of pleasure and euphoria). Using our breath and movement, we will enter a heightened state of consciousness. The body-negative society we live in doesn’t allow us the opportunity to truly experience pain, to...

Senses, Pleasure, Intimacy- „Group dynamics of desire“

26.4.2017 guest artist David Bloom "While there are many preconceptions, insecurities, & fantasies surrounding intimacy between more than two people, there is also the cultural myth that it is a state which can only exist between two people alone. This class explores dynamics of collective desire, touching on awareness, acceptance, & articulation of personal boundaries, the relationship...