Federica Fiore | Matter of birth —- Extended
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Matter of birth —- Extended

Matter of birth —- Extended

The Birth preparation course  “Matter of Birth- on the initmacy and privacy of a birth experience” is almost at the end for this year.

It has been an extremely important experience of connection, letting go, and love.

I have been asked to find a way that allows people to continue their journey into a more conscious and pleasurable Birth culture.


I´m thrilled to offer for the month of December the possibility of a shared space for birth interest, birth junkies, pregnant people, activists, feminists, people with children-

Starting Wednesday 7th December 5-8pm @tutgut every Wednesday of the month of December (more to come in 2017).

We are going to meet and talk about birth, orgasmic birth, pleasure and birth, Hormones, Empowerement, Feminism, Connection, importance of movement during Birth and more…

So please share with your friends and interested people…

Price: 15 single; 20 for 2 people; 25 for 3people; 35 for 4 people;

for more information please contact me.