Federica Fiore | Spanking for Love – a study on endorphins
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Spanking for Love – a study on endorphins

Spanking for Love – a study on endorphins


In Spanking for Love, we will explore the relationship between intense sensation, breath, and endorphin (the hormones of pleasure and euphoria). Using our breath and movement, we will enter a heightened state of consciousness.

The body-negative society we live in doesn’t allow us the opportunity to truly experience pain, to explore its origins and potential. We are too quick to grab pills, are preoccupied with wanting to “get rid of” the pain, buying into the idea that this sensation is negative and wrong. But pain can also be a guide, an indicator for the body to follow its instincts, if we allow ourselves to truly experience it.

In this short introductory workshop, we will work on recognizing and articulating personal boundaries, learn safe, embodied spanking techniques, and explore ways to transform intense sensation into pleasure.

WHEN: 10th May 7-10pm

WHERE: tutgut- Zentrum für Bewegung und Heilkünste

PRICE: sliding scale 10-15 euro