Federica Fiore | EVOLOVE – the body as web of relations
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EVOLOVE – the body as web of relations

EVOLOVE – the body as web of relations

 An explorative residency on creating conscious futures through embodied practices and conceptual cross pollination in Bechyne’s former Franciscan Monastery, in Czech Republic

We will explore the relation between the evolution of our animal being, and the social construction of our intimacy; the relation of our fantasies, personal and social projections and the economic social structure in which we live. Can we affect a change in the social system by focusing on the self as the transpersonal? Can we acknowledge that our personal production and cultural understanding shapes our conceptualization of nature?

We want to contribute to the ongoing process of awareness and decolonization by navigating multiple levels of perception and misperception and by coming together in the flesh to open crucial questions that affect a conscious embodied future.

for more information visit:

EVOLOVE: https://evolove2017.wordpress.com/program/


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