Federica Fiore | 2017 July
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July 2017

Perineum: What? Why? Where? a deep discovery

NEW DATES: 21st-22nd October 10-6 pm The perineum is an extremely important area of our bodies.It contains us, it aids in our orgasmic pleasure, it helps us give birth, to go to the toilet, it´s our root chakra, it´s our base.Massaging it can be an intense experience and it´s definitely very important.But…WHAT is the Perineum?WHERE...

Dream your world!!! Young Women’s Dream Your World into Being

I will be part of the presenters team of this online conference. I will be talking about my work, about empowered birth, women needs during childbirth, and how BIRTH can change society. My intention is to reach young people, young women and contribute to their ideas of birth as a joyful, transforming, and ecstatic experience. CONFERENCE...

Senses. Pleasure. Intimacy.

on July 26th at 7pm as always @tutgut Restrictive Intention with Caritia The concept of Restrictive Intention is simple - taking one length of rope, what can be created and what is the intention behind what you wish to create. Caritia offers some basic tools to get you started (or perhaps you already have experience), to help you...