Federica Fiore | Senses. Pleasure. Intimacy.
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Senses. Pleasure. Intimacy.

Senses. Pleasure. Intimacy.

on July 26th at 7pm as always @tutgut

Restrictive Intention with Caritia

The concept of Restrictive Intention is simple – taking one length of rope, what can be created and what is the intention behind what you wish to create.

Caritia offers some basic tools to get you started (or perhaps you already have experience), to help you explore rope bondage, from a Shibari (Japanese rope bondage) inspired perspective.

Caritia will teach a few basics – single column tie, double column tie and give a small demonstration on tension. The aim of the practice is to give you, the participant, something you can take home and explore, as well as giving inspirations to guide within your own enquiry of rope bondage. Caritia invites you to this opportunity to play and experiment.

Caritia sees rope as a potential conduit to transmit feeling, sensation and presence. The session will start with a meditation and end with a short closing circle.

Caritia is a wildly erotic, London born, Berlin based artist/creative of Afro-Caribbean decent, with over 18 years of experience within BDSM. Caritia is a dominant, an artist and a coach, as well as strong advocate of self-empowerment for all, working from a feminine led perspective.

Caritia’s aim is to share her knowledge and experiences from a perspective of honouring oneself (body, mind, spirit) through the principles of R.A.C.K – risk aware consensual kink, self responsibility and open communication.