Federica Fiore | About
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I define myself as a creative therapist, a researcher of the body and its ecstatic potential.

I began my journey as a contemporary dancer, first in Modica (Sicily), then Milan, then Berlin.

In Milan I studied the Feldenkrais Method and some Pilates. That’s when my curiosity and passion for this field began to grow.

Later, in Berlin, I got more and more in touch with cranio-sacral therapy and decided to learn it.

I completed a three-and-a-half-year education at the Samuel-Hahnemann-Schule in Berlin, intensively studying medicine, homeopathy and different kinds of bodywork, such as Leibarbeit and massage, and at the same time studying cranio-sacral therapy at the “Ausbildungszentrum für Cranio-Sacrale Osteopathie” in Berlin.

As I understand it, the body is one with the mind and the spirit.

It needs pleasure and ecstasy to exist and to be healthy. I am convinced that sexual power is healing power within one’s self, and so I developed an interest in tantra , ecstatic states, and BDSM as healing practices.

I had the opportunity to have great teachers such as Barbara Carrellas and Joseph Kramer, among others.