Federica Fiore | MOP#1
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Matter of Privacy– MOP–

MOP# is a series of actions, performances, interventions, surrounding the female body in its reproductive stage.

From First Menstruation to Birth and M/Otherhood, Matter of Privacy aims to give transparency to taboos and unspoken truths.


In this one-on-one piece, I playfully create an intimate space exploring motherhood as a sexual, creative, empowered, and political act.

I offer you an opportunity to explore your relationship to the archetype of Motherhood.

In the standard social script, mothers are selfless caregivers with no sexual desire whatsoever.


But the truth is that pregnancy, birth, and motherhood are in fact empowering experiences, sexual experiences. Nursing is sexy, giving birth is sexy, being pregnant is sexy.

After all, you get pregnant by having sex, during birth your baby goes the same pleasurable way and touches the same organs involved in sex, the hormones involved are the same as during sex and during breastfeeding.
I invite you to experience your own relationship to M/Otherhood, playing with the idea of breastfeeding/nursing and sexual desire that is connected to it.