Federica Fiore | Perineum : What? Why Where?
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Perineum : What? Why Where?

The perineum is an extremely important area of our bodies.

It contains us, it aids in our orgasmic pleasure, it helps us give birth, to go to the toilet, it´s our root chakra, it´s our base.
Massaging it can be an intense experience and it´s definitely very important.


WHAT is the Perineum?

WHERE is the Perineum really, and…

WHY do we have to learn to massage it and take care of it?

During this workshop we will learn about the perineal area in-depth.
We will learn to sense it and to exercise it.
We learn how to touch it and to massage it.

This workshop is for orgasmic people and anorgasmic people, for pregnant and postpartum people, for your mother, for the incontinent, for young people (18yo and up), for old people, for the curious, for everyone.